Social Content Tool – Terms of Service

  1. These contractual terms and conditions (the "Terms") regulate the use of the Social Content Tool application (the "Application") at (the "Website"). You can only get access to and use the Application provided you accept and observe these Terms. The Terms apply to all visitors, users and other parties using the Application.
  2. The Application is provided by Revolta, s.r.o. with its registered seat at Dukelských hrdinů 2, Prague 7, Czech Republic, ID No.: 27167518 (the "Company").
  3. You can contact the Company by means of the following email address: Our team will contact you and provide you with all the required and necessary information.
  4. These Terms represent a complete binding contract (the "Contract") entered into by and between you and the Company and shall replace all previous statements or any previous versions of these Terms. If you and the Company have signed a written contract, this written contract shall take precedence over these Terms.
  5. You provide your unilateral consent to the Terms by ticking the appropriate field while registering at the at website.
  6. For your registration at the Website you have to enter your name, surname and email. You can later log into the Application using your login data. The login data is not transferable and may only be used by the person who chose it. You are fully responsible for safety of the login data. Inform us of any unauthorised access or misuse of your login data without delay.
  7. The Contract between you and the Company as per Paragraph 4 hereof shall be entered into by your registration at the Website, or more precisely by settling the price for the Application. If you enter into a Contract with us on behalf of a company or a different legal entity, you declare that you are authorised to bind this entity with the Contract. The Company is not obliged to check your declaration.
  8. The Application will be available to you after its price has been settled. The price for the Application amounts to USD 49 per month (30 days) for 3 communication channels (e.g. 1x facebook fan page, 2x Twitter account), every other channel is for USD 9 per month (30 days).
  9. The price for the Application shall be paid in a cashless manner through the PayPal service.
  10. The price for the Application is calculated according to the number of applications (channels) and the period for which you will pay, not for the real use of the Application. Thus, the price cannot be cancelled or returned.
  11. The price is calculated for the next 30 days after the payment. Unless determined otherwise, the price shall be paid in USD.
  12. The period of time having been paid for will automatically be renewed provided we have received your payment in our bank account before the end of the prepaid period.
  13. If we receive the payment – the price for the Application, the prepaid period shall begin:
    1. in the event of the first purchase of the Application for a determined period: on the first day following the day on which the price is credited in our bank account; or
    2. in the event of an automatic renewal: on the first day following expiry of the previous prepaid period.
  14. At the beginning of the prepaid period the Company grants you a non-exclusive, time-limited, territorially unlimited licence allowing you to access and use the Application solely for your personal purposes for the period of duration of the prepaid period. This licence is not transferable and is subject to your consent to these Terms and to payment of the price. The price includes remuneration for the licence.
  15. All rights to the Application (including the name, trademark, software, videos, pictures, graphics, sounds) are reserved for the Company. You are not entitled to grant any licences and sub-licences or to copy, modify or create works derived from the Application. You are not entitled to retranslate, decompile or otherwise try to extract the source code of the Application or its part.
  16. If you request that a receipt concerning purchase of the Application is issued, contact the Company on: The Company will immediately send you the receipt to the email address you specify.
  17. Your actions related to the Application and its use shall always comply with these Terms and with applicable legal regulations. Your actions shall not contradict good manners, public order and shall not restrict execution of the rights of a third party. You shall not make the Application available to any third parties, i.e. to unauthorised users. You are not entitled to sell, license, hire, cede or make the Application available to third parties without our previous written consent.
  18. The content of the Application is your property. We are not obliged to make a backup copy of the content or to return the content you have stored to you after expiry of the prepaid period. In the event the Contract between you and us terminates, our only obligation is to completely remove all your content and data from our servers. After termination of the Contract we are entitled to store only those data as defined in the Principles of Personal Data Protection and those data that we are obliged to archive pursuant to applicable legal regulations.
  19. The Company is not responsible for the occasional inferior availability or a failure of the Application operation depending on services provided by third parties that are beyond our control.
  20. If there is a problem, the Company shall always prevent any loss or damage of the data. However, we strongly recommend that you make a backup copy of the important data on a regular basis as we cannot guarantee their permanent availability and integrity and we cannot be held responsible for any changes, loss or damage to the stored data if they have been caused by a technical defect, a failure, your activity, the activities of other users within your group of users, or due to attack by third parties.
  21. If you act in an illegal or unethical manner or if you violate the Terms, the Company is entitled to restrict, suspend or terminate the use of the Application that you purchased without any compensation. In this case you are obliged to pay to the Company the damage incurred in connection with your actions as per this paragraph in its full amount.
  22. The Company´s liability for the damage that the Application may possibly cause to you is restricted only to the damage that you prove up to the amount that you paid for the Application for the last 30 days of the subscription.
  23. The use of the Application is at your own risk.
  24. You hereby take into account that the use of the Application depends on availability of services provided by third parties, especially in case of various social media and networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If a third party stops cooperating with us or if a third party changes its business terms and conditions in a significant manner, we are entitled to remove these social networks and services or related functions from the Application without any replacement or compensation.
  25. The Application makes use of links and connections to services provided by third parties. By adding the services of third parties you agree that you are obliged to observe the terms and conditions and principles of third party personal data protection if there are any. The Company shall not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by connection to these services.
  26. In compliance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll, on Personal Data Protection, as amended, by registering at the Website you provide the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator") with a consent to process the personal data you have entered for commercial and marketing purposes, i.e. for maintaining a database of the Application users, and to being offered commercial services for the period of 10 years. At the same time you agree that the Administrator authorises a third party to process the personal data. By registering at the Website you confirm that the Company being the Administrator of personal data has informed you of all the rights arising out of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection, as amended, especially of the fact that provision of these data is voluntary and that the Company has a right to access them, as well as of all the other rights arising out of this act. You take into account that you can cancel your consent at any time.
  27. Pursuant to the provision of Section 7 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on Certain Information Society Services, as amended, by registering at the Website you also agree with commercial information being sent to you by means of all electronic tools. You can cancel your consent to being sent commercial information and electronic mail for the purpose of direct marketing by sending an email to the Company.
  28. The relation between you and the Company shall be governed by the legislation of the Czech Republic.
  29. In the event of any dispute (the "Dispute") related to the Application you agree to exert maximum effort to settle the Dispute with us in an out-of-court manner. Unless the Dispute is settled within 30 days following the beginning of the dealings, the Dispute shall be settled by relevant courts of the Czech Republic.
  30. The Company may change these Terms at its discretion. The updated version of the Terms is always available at our website.
Prague, dated 22 October 2013